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Bragging Rights Tractor Pulling


Common Questions and Answers


-         How do I know when and Where the Tractor Pulls are?

o     Visit our website and click on the “Schedule” page. Any cancellations or additional will be posted there. Please note that this page changes often.


-         What are the rules?

o     Visit our website  and click on 2012 rules. At the annual meeting (in January of every year) any rule changes for the upcoming season will be discussed. Prior year’s rules are also available on the website.

-         How do I participate? What do I do after I arrive at pull?

o     For a Typical Bragging Rights Pull:

§       Arrive before the start time

·      If your going to be late please just let us know so we can put you in the computer and plan our day.

·      Weigh in for your first (lightest) class

·      Register at registration booth (Hen House) and Pay applicable fees

o     Please have ready:

§       Your weight classes, tractor year, tractor make, tractor model

o     Sign release form (if applicable)

o     Receive your “Free Hook” Tickets

·      Before each class starts the order will be announced if you miss the announcement feel free to check in at the (Hen House) for your order

o     Please be sure to stage appropriately

·      As the pull progresses we will announce the order as we go. If you should breakdown or have to leave, please let us know.

§       After you have taken your turn pulling return to staging area. Please be sure not to block the path to the scale or the view between the (hen house) and the pit. Any obstructions will be asked moved.

§       Once you have pulled out, weight out

§       After you have weighed out you can add weight and weigh in for your next class.

-         How do I know how I did?

o     You can check in at the (Hen House), but please wait until the class is finished. The winners will be announced once the tally is complete.

§       You can visit our website and click “2010 Results” to view all results as well, they will be posted within a few days of each pull.

-         Who is allowed in the pit?

o     Anyone with business there. Everyone is volunteering, if you’d like to help please feel free. There is a normal crew, but they pull as well. We always appreciate additional help and are happy to show you how/what you can do. No one is obligated to do so however, and if you are tired or need a break please do so by simply walking out of the pit.

-         What is the difference about Fairs?

o     Fairs have their own agenda and we are there as a draw. You usually get in at these events for free, but not always.

o     There is usually a defined time frame to work within. This causes us to limit the number of tractors or hooks to complete the pull in the time limit.

o     Fairs can have their own rules pertaining to age limits, noise levels, time restrictions and so on.



Dos and Don’ts


1.      Please do not leave your tractor next to the (hen house). We need to see what’s going on and also need to hear. Tractor pulls are noisy places we realize, but you can help by moving your tractor to a staging area. You can stand near the track or speakers to see and hear what’s going on.

2.      Please do not block the view from the bleachers.

3.      Please don’t speed around on your tractor. We do not want anyone getting hurt and there are often children around. You do not have drive at idle, but please pay attention to your surroundings and speed.

4.      Please feel free to ask any questions (or ask for updates) at the (Hen House), we are happy to do so. However, please know we have to keep the pull moving forward.