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2016 Bragging Rights

Antique Tractor Pull Safety Rules and Eligibility


All tractors will be operated in a safe manner and speed at all times. Consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.  Any driver or helper found to be in violation of this rule while participating at an event would be disqualified. 


Tractor must be 1955 or older (except in open classes); younger tractors may only pull for fun (no trophy) provided we meet our time limit.


Tractor Weights include the driver

2500 lbs and under

3500 lbs and under

4500 lbs and under

5500 lbs and under

6500 lbs and under

7500 lbs and under

OPEN CLASS 8500 lbs and under

OPEN CLASS 9500 lbs and under   CHANGED 2016

Everyone please take a turn lending a hand in the pit.


No cut tires, chains or dual tires will be allowed period.


Hitch height may be no greater than 20 inches from the ground with a 2.5- inch opening.


Tractor must have a functioning governor at all times as determined by a ten second wide open no load test. 


*Functional wheelie bars are required for your safety.*


 If your going to be late we would appreciate a text or call to 860-662-0762 name and classes.


Every tractor with driver must be weighed at time of registration.


Limit one tractor and one driver per weight class. 


Driver must remain seated while pulling.


There must be a min of 2 tractors per class in order for that class to be run.


One hook will be standard, however each tractor will receive one free hook per class. Note free hooks cannot be carried over. This will be announced at the start of the event.


No jerking the chain (for your safety) and please No digging holes (it takes time to fill).


Every tractor must be weighed with the driver on board immediately following that tractorís final pull of the class.  At this time, if the tractor is found to be overweight, the tractor will be disqualified from that class.   


Hitch height is measured at final weigh in.  If a tractor is found to be in violation of this rule, the tractor will be disqualified from that class.


Hook-up man is not to approach tractor until driver has tractor in neutral and has raised his hands.


Tractor tires must remain within boundaries of the track.  If the boundaries are exceeded as determined by the pit crew the measurement will be taken at the cross of the line.  No second hook will be allowed at this point.    


Driver order will be assigned prior to the start of the class.  All drivers must abide by this order.  If a driver pulls out of order, that pull will not count and the driver must pull again in the correct order.  The only exception to this rule is a legitimate mechanical breakdown.  To be determined by the pit boss.


After any partial pull the boat will be pulled in the same direction to the end of the track by a pull back tractor.  Therefore each tractor will be pulling in the opposite direction. Exception final round 2 tractor pull off may pull from same end provided both drivers agree.


Track will be groomed as needed as determined by the pit crew.


The track official or event organizer will make all final judgment calls.




Remember this pull is for fun

Weíre here to have a good time

We like to show off our tractors

We like to show off our skills

And put on a good sportsman-like show

We encourage the next generation into our sport

If we do this we are all winners

Remember when its all said and done itís just



By participating in one of our events You Agree to be responsible for your own actions and to not set blame on any of the event organizers, workers, participants or property owners.


For results and schedule visit www.ctbraggingrights.com